Saturday, March 28, 2009

Biggest crap ever! Windows Vista

  • Frequent Bluescreens
  • Applications that stop working one day to the next
  • WLAN stops connecting to any network one day to the next even after replacing hardware
  • 5 reinstalls in 1 year with absolutely nothing but 3 games installed
  • Biggest mess in configuration dialogs ever
  • Tons of stupid questions
  • Inconsistencies in what files are in a directory

Thanks Microsoft for the biggest crap a computer has ever seen. Windows Vista.


Joel said...

I came across this post while reading your excellent article on WCF SOA via UDDI. Good stuff.

I can't say I agree with this post though. A lot of the problems people encounter with Vista are because they either overclock their CPU and don't do sufficient stress testing or have faulty memory and/or overload the chipset memory controller.

I run Vista x64 on a Q9550/ASUS P5E3 Premium with 8 GB of memory and it generally runs 5-6 VMs (VMWare WS 6.5) for development at any given time. It took me a bit to get 8GB stable on the P5E3 (known issue) but after some tweaking, I had an uptime of over 4 months (24/7) before I had to restart due to a patch.

Vista isn't perfect and I look forward to Windows 7 but it certainly isn't THAT bad.

Anonymous said...

Windows 7 is a slightly improved version of Vista, but XP is still superior (shell, UI, taskbar, Start menu, search, Windows Explorer, compatibility etc).

arqlavalle said...

I have been working in Windows since 3.1, Windows 95, NT, 2000, XP, XP professional, XPx64. I don't consider my self a computer geek, but I've been arround configuring hundreds of add on cards, porgrams and tons of periferials. Never ever have been so upset and frustated with the OS like with vista.People at Microsoft really had a hard time making the crappiest piece of software EVER! In no version release computer manufacturers had to bo back in the OS offered like from Vista to XP.